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Bridal Makeup & Hair

London Ontario • since 2012


Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now it is time to plan your wedding. Thank you for considering Alycat for your morning wedding, GLAM. Your wedding day glam isn’t just about Hair and Makeup; it’s about setting the morning vibes. Vibes that set you and your bridal party up for the entire spectacular day ahead. 

Alice Brown selects only the very best artists and stylists to ensure you’re getting talent and personalities. 

You will be spending a large part of your pre-wedding time with your artists, and we want you to love who you are spending your time with. Alycat is there to help you feel confident, relaxed, pampered and, of course…GLAMMED! 

Alycat makeup and hair artistry isn’t your cookie-cutter makeup artists and hairstylists. Alycat artists won’t give everyone the same look (unless that is what you want!), and we don’t change your look to someone unrecognizable. We want the person you are meeting at the end of the aisle to see who they fell in love with. While at your bridal preview, we will collaborate with you to find and design your most perfect bridal look. We want the whole look to have “a flow to the eye,” from your shoes, dress, jewelry, makeup, and hair to the bridal veil. Smooth on the eyes is the goal 😉

Alycat’s makeup and hair artistry is all about timeless looks. We want you to be able to look back on your photographs and videos, not ever be able to tell what year this wedding took place. That is timeless!

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