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Makeup Lessons with Alice Brown, AlyCat Owner

Alice Brown is a Makeup Artist that loves teaching people the power of makeup and skincare. Alice’s big passion is beauty education for everyday people.

Do you sometimes feel that your makeup and skincare are not doing you justice? Beauty routines can have us stuck in a rut or even the wrong decade. Please don’t feel alone; this happens to all of us.

There are certain times during our lifetime when we look at ourselves in the mirror to see our reflection staring back at us as someone unrecognizable. Unrecognizable to the way we feel or want to feel.

As a new mom, a new job, or a new career, maybe you are starting school or just finished your schooling or celebrating a new age. Perhaps you are afraid to age. From a fresh start to a recently divorced, a new grandma, or maybe you are stuck in a horrible place in your life, and you want to paint JOY on your face. Makeup is very powerful. It has the power to make you smile for yourself and yourself alone! Alice Brown can help gently guide you.

Sometimes we think, “when did I forget about myself.” We tend to take care of everyone and everything around us 24/7. It’s time to invest in you!

Alice is a beauty coach that will help you age gracefully and confidently? The beauty industry can leave you overwhelmed? It is a very over-saturated industry. There are so many pretty things, and you want them all! We have all been there. NO shame!

Most of us have so many beautiful products at home but haven’t figured out how, when or where to use them.

• Alice will coach you to use and choose the correct technique, colours, placement, and textures for your unique self.

• Alice will help you choose the proper skin prep and apply more effortless makeup.

• Alice will go through your current makeup bag and toss out expired makeup and create a list of products you could replace or add to your makeup bag, saving you money at the beauty stores. Alice will help you with the proper tools needed to be more efficient in the mirror.

• Alice will teach you how to apply a basic complexion application that you can build on with other classes that Alice offers. She will customize the lesson around you.

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